Longer Pillow with 6 Photos
Longer Pillow with 6 Photos
Longer Pillow with 6 Photos

Longer Pillow with 6 Photos

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These longer pillows is a little different from the usual square and rectangle pillows. They work great on a bed as a decorative pillow.

You can choose to have this pillow printed on one side only or have an image printed on both side. If you do choose to have it printed on one side only then the backing will be white. You also have the option to add an extra little touch with some piping around the edges.

These pillows are filled with stuffing that looks and feels like puffy clouds and when it does go flat (as all pillows always do) you can just puff it up and it will go back to being a nice pillow again.


Some technical details:


- A3 - 890 x 420 cm

- A4 - 630 x 295 cm

- A5 - 440 x 210 cm

Fabric: 100% polyester (mini matt)

Stuffing: Uni-curl Hollow Fibre Balls

Printing Method: Sublimation Printing

Washing Instructions: These pillows can be washed in the washing machine (preferably with something soft like towels). The colour won't fade. Then just hang them up to dry and puff them up again.

Lead Time: An order can take about 3-8 working days to complete.



Single Sided 
- A3 - R 590
- A4 - R 280
- A5 - R 160
    Double Sided 
    - A3 - R 900
    - A4 - R 440
    - A5 - R 240
      Add some Piping for an extra R 20


        Printing Sizes:

        Please note that I am restricted to the size of printing I can do. So to cover this pillow entirely a will need a minimum of 6 images. I will printed them separately and then sew them together. You are also welcome to send more images to me.

        If you only want 1 image on the pillow there will be a white border around the image.


        Something to keep in mind:

        Because these are custom made orders I need to receive your payment in full before I can start your order. I will always send you a layout for your approval before I start printing.

        Products can be returned if you find there is a flaw in the end products printing. Please contact me with a photo so that I can have a look.

        The sizing can also be of by 1-2 cm as these are handmade products.

        Images must preferably be a minimum of 1MB in size to get the best results for printing. Photos downloaded from Facebook for example does not always work well. So if you can get your hands on the original photo that will be best.