How to Order

So you want to order some custom photo products?

Ordering is easy and you there is a few ways you can do this.

Ordering on the website:

Option 1:

  • Choose your products and from here you can directly upload your photos. (Please note that there is only limited space for photo uploads and the options might take some time to load).  
  • Also choose your options and then select add to cart and follow through the steps to finish your order. 

Option 2 :

  • Choose your products by selecting the relevant options on the product page. 
  • Then complete the steps to finish your order.
  • Once you did this you can email me your photos to with your order number in the subject line. This is a great options especially if you have a lot of photos. 

Ordering via email:

You can also email me your order and your photos if you are not comfortable with ordering online. 

Please let me know your full order as well as your delivery address and contact number if you would like me to courier your order to you. I will then send you payment options and as soon as I get your payment I will get your order started.

You can also order via whatsapp by following the same method as above.

Whatsapp number: 060 407 9780


More details to know about:

If you would like to get a layout done for your product it will be best to email me your photos and details for the layout. I will then do your layout and send it back for approval.

Please note: An order will only be started/printed and made once your payment is received in full. 

Also don't hesitate to contact me via email or whatsapp if you have any questions.