What is But Why Not all about?

So you need to buy someone a gift but you have no idea what to get? 
You might not know them all to well or they are just one of these people who already has everything they want. You might feel that what ever you buy them might look 'last minute' or 'cheap' or not good enough.

Here is your solution... Custom printed photo pillows.

You might say ..eh a pillow? But think about it. Everyone has someone special in their life who they really, really love. Whether its a parent, children, husband or wife, best friend or even their dog.
And who does not like a pillow? Its a useful item that you can sleep on or cuddle up with and it can't break easily.

This is a unique special gift for any one and they will appreciate the effort you put into it for choosing those special photos.

If you really know they are not a pillow person then there are also a few other options.

You can have a look at what's available here: 

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